Renting College Textbooks – Three Big Advantages

Going to college can be expensive and often students have no options when it comes to saving money. However, one way a student can save money is with college textbook costs. If you want to save money on textbook costs, the best way to do it is to rent the textbooks, rather than buy them. Textbook rental companies will rent college textbooks for a price that will save the student more than 50% over purchasing costs.

There are three big advantages to renting college textbooks. The first big advantage to renting textbooks is the cyber advantage. Textbook rental is done completely online. The student can access a rental company’s online catalog from the convenience of their dorm room, apartment or library. If you have a computer, you can rent textbooks. The student doesn’t have to fight lines in the bookstore at the beginning of the semester waiting in line to pay for his or her books. Online rental saves money and time.

Another advantage to renting textbooks is comparison shopping. Online rental companies boast that their catalogs have everything. However, the only company that has everything is the Library of Congress! The student may find prices vary widely from company to company. Plus, some rental companies may favor certain subjects such as science or history over health or education. Since comparison shopping is easy to do online, you may as well take advantage of it, especially if it saves you money.

If you take courses that tend to not be in the mainstream, such as music, library science, or theology, to name a few, you may want to find those books in the catalog first to see which company offers them for rent. Most online rental companies have large catalogs and you should be able to find what you need. But certain courses may not be as well stocked as others.

In some areas, college freshman are required to take remedial writing or math courses their first semester. Buying such textbooks to accompany these classes would not be advisable since their worth greatly diminishes when the course is over.

Lastly, the advantage of offering free shipping when returning the textbooks at the end of the semester is a huge incentive. Have you ever gone through an unbearable course only to say on the last day “I never want to think about that class again.” Just think how nice it would be to put the textbook in a bag and ship it back for free. No more packing up heavy textbooks to bring home for the summer. Why bring them home when you have no intention of looking at the?. Usually students simply bring the textbooks back to college in the fall with the hope of selling them at a used book sale for a fraction of what they paid for them.

So if you want to save some money when you go to college, think about renting college textbooks rather than buying them.

Tips on the Dealing With College Application Process

The college application is definitely an essential element of the college admission process. Get to know the top five common college misconceptions that are predominant among students:

Using General Application Can Lead to the Rejection of Your Application

There will be no undesirable influence on your entrance if you use a popular application. A popular application is a solitary application form which you can easily submit to wide selection of participating colleges. Numerous colleges acknowledge the popular application since it helps make the admission process fairly uncomplicated. The popular application is incredibly useful for students since they don’t have to search for university-specific applications.

Acceptance is Dependent on your Admission Interview

Your admission is not really determined by the interview. Consequently, even though your interview hasn’t gone very well, it doesn’t necessarily mean you could be rejected by the college that you pick. The key reason for the interview would be to bring in prospective enrollees to the school and provide them more info about the institution and provide the school personalized experience with students.

Attending Prep School Provide a Better Chance of Getting Accepted

Your odds of admission do not increase if you have attended a prep school. Colleges look for diverse students so they allow entry of students coming from a broad wide variety of schools. Irrespective in the school you’ve got studied, admissions officers give personal preference to students who can acknowledge challenges as well as take admission in challenging courses.

Having a High SAT Grade Ensures Acceptance

Should your SAT score be high, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you are assured entry into a leading college. Although appropriate preparation for SAT assessment is definitely an absolute necessity, they aren’t categorized as entrance exams. Colleges search for excellent SAT scores however their primary emphasis is on the kind of courses you have taken, your performance and extracurricular activities.

Applying for Financial Aid Impacts Your Admission

Trying to get financial assistance generally does not have an adverse impact on your applications. But should you apply for any financial aid for your college application, make sure that you fill up all forms correctly.

If you want to get admitted into the top college increase your chances by getting good grades and studying for any exams you need to take. If you need a grant, talk to an admissions officer about your options and they will help you fill out the proper forms and file them properly.