Article Tips – How to Write Articles Fast

Article marketing is a fantastic way to drive traffic to your websites and blogs. But, sometimes writing articles can be a very monotonous task. People do not have the creativity to just sit down and write multiple articles and do it fast. Unfortunately, most of us are not equipped with that talent.

But, as with anything, if you work hard and practice you can get better. When I first started writing articles I was horrible at writing articles. It would take me all day just to write one article. Then, I would not think it was good enough and would never submit it. So, I would waste all of this time trying to write one article that would never get submitted in the first place

It was not until I realized that I did not have to be perfect or a Pulitzer Prize winner to write good articles. I think I understand the fact that people accept the fact that I am not going to be exactly perfect. I do not write textbook articles. Shoot, I am sure if you are well-versed in English literature you can find many grammar mistakes in this article.

It is not about if you get your commas and your periods in the perfect spot. It is about readability. People read your article if it flows well. So, our goal should be to write articles that reads easily.

The best way to write an article that reads easily is to write as if you are speaking. I do this by actually speaking my articles. I use a program called Dragon Naturally Speaking that allows me to speak into a microphone and it actually types the text I am speaking.

That is exactly how this articles being written. So, one way you can write articles fast is to use a program like I’m using. This will allow you to zoom through articles without a problem.

Next, you can use the tips method that I use to write articles. All you need to do is write out three tips about your niche. Then, you can put those three tips into an article. You can easily get good quality 300 to 500 word articles with the three tips method.

Finally, you can look around and get inspiration from other articles. Whenever I’m stuck and cannot write an article I will simply browse for inspiration. Now, I’m not saying go out and plagiarize articles. I’m talking about reading through articles to get inspiration for what you would like to write. Then, write your own unique article from your inspiration.

The most important thing to do is to start writing articles. It does not matter if they are perfect. All that matters is they are good articles with good information. If you can put good information that flows well into an article, people will forgive you if you put a comma in the wrong spot. If you are getting good valuable information, people will forgive you if you are not perfect grammatically. But, none of this matters if you do not start. So, go start writing articles today and before you know it you will learn how to write articles fast.