Learn About a Nursing Career

Someone in a nursing career is known as a nurse. These are people that are professionals in the field of healthcare. They, along with others of a hospital, take care of the treatment, safety, and recovery of ill or injured patients. They also help with the maintenance of health with families and communities. These are people that perform a wide range of duties in a hospital. These can range from helping to deliver a baby to giving a shot. Nurses are also sometimes involved in medical and nursing research and studies.

The first known nurse dates back to the epic Florence Nightingale. She was the woman that helped the wounded in the Crimean War. This is really what led to more practice of nursing and the education that leads to this career path. Ever since the beginning of the nursing career, nurses have most often been thought to be female. Whenever someone mentions a nurse, people think that she is a woman. This is not always true, however. Actually, male nurses are starting to become more popular in many countries around the world.

Another thing that a lot of countries are facing is a nursing shortage. This is because the registered nurse staff is decreasing. People do not usually want to take the time to become a registered nurse because it seems very hard to do. This is because the work environment is more stressful, there are more patients, and there is more education involved. It takes longer to become a registered nurse, but there are also benefits to being one. Of course, there is a pay increase. Any time a job is harder and more schooling is involved, the pay will be higher. Just look at doctors. They go to school for ten plus years and make tons of money each year.

Nursing roles are always changing but the one thing that remains the same for nurses is the education. All nurses need formal education past the education of high school. Nurses need a college diploma, associates, bachelors, masters, or even sometimes a doctoral. It really depends on what kind of a nurse is in question and what tasks will be asked of them.

Most nurses seem to do pretty much everything in the hospital setting. They usually work long hours and are on their feet the whole day. This job is very stressful but it is also very rewarding at the same time. Not only do nurses get the satisfaction of helping people that are in need but they also get paid above average. This is actually a really good profession to get into because once you have a medical background, you can go anywhere. There will always be a need for nurses and people with a medical background. This is because there will always be sick and injured people that need to be taken care of. In addition, a nursing job promises room for career advancement. This can be a starting position, and a good one at that.