Easy Dog Training You Can Do For Your Lovable Puppies

Training your dogs is your responsibility in giving him a good start in life. Not only will this benefit you in making them obedient and making them good members of the family and the community, it will also teach them survival and can save them from harm. If you are looking for easy dog training to give your puppies a good start, here are some training ideas you can start with.

The Basic Commands

The basic commands you can start with in training your dog may include ‘stay,’ ‘sit,’ ‘down’ or ‘stop.’ If they master these basic commands, these will build his foundation in moving on to more advance trainings and you can make use of these in survival or in keeping them safe.

Crate training

Crate training is important for your puppies in many ways. Crate training is an important part of housetraining where you teach them to eliminate on the designated areas. It can also become his haven when he wants to rest and just be by himself. You can train them to ride vehicles while in a crate – which is important. Even dogs should be in a crate while you travel. This will prevent them from danger especially in keeping them from sticking out their heads out of the window.


One of the essential easy dog training that you must give your puppies as soon as they arrive in your home is the housetraining or potty training. Teaching your puppies where to potty is important and this should be done until they learn to do it without mistakes. This usually involves close supervision and commitment and when they do commit mistakes, you need to be patient with these immature creatures and never harm them. Set a schedule and a routine for them. This will make it easy for them to turn it into a habit.

Training them not to bite

It is normal for puppies to mouth especially when their teeth begin to grow. However, this can also bring problems later. You can use the basic commands in teaching your puppies not to use his teeth on your skin or your clothing. A loud ‘no’ or ‘stay’ command will be of use when he starts to mouth. A distinctive whistle could also be effective. Harming the puppy when he misbehaves is not a good way to teach him. It may even cause him to be more aggressive. Consistency makes easy dog training so make sure everybody in the house use the same commands as you do.

Training them not to bark excessively

Barking is their way of expressing but it can be annoying and a nuisance sometimes if your puppies or dogs bark excessively. You can however manage these by determining the causes of their excessive barking. It is important to make clear communication to your puppies what is a desirable behavior and what is not. Do not to reward your dog when they bark excessively. Do not to yell at them. Basic obedience training will help a lot to stop from excessive barking.

These are easy dog training methods you can start with but don’t rush your puppies. Take time in making them learn good habits. Give them one training at a time.